Blade Butler

Blade Butler




The Blade Butler is designed to capture the dust that normally falls to the floor while cleaning a ceiling fan.

The custom designed micro-fiber bag holds the dust and saves you time by cleaning once, not having to clean the dust off the floor or furniture below the fan.

Each Blade Butler comes with 1 Blade Butler and 1 cleaning bag. An additional replacement bag is available as a purchase option.

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Introducing Blade Butler: Revolutionizing Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Smarter, Faster, Easier, Safer – The Blade Butler redefines the way you clean your ceiling fans. This innovative tool is not just a cleaning accessory; it’s a complete solution for a dust-free, hassle-free cleaning experience.

Innovative Dust Capture Design – The Blade Butler is expertly engineered to trap the dust that typically scatters to the floor when cleaning ceiling fans. Its unique structure consists of a custom-designed micro-fiber bag that securely encases each fan blade. As you wipe, the Blade Butler collects all the dust and debris, preventing it from falling onto the surfaces below. This means less time spent cleaning and more time enjoying a pristine home.

High-Quality, Durable Materials – Made with top-grade materials, the Blade Butler is built to last. The micro-fiber bag is not only effective in capturing dust but is also gentle on your fan blades, ensuring no scratches or damage during cleaning.

Effortless Cleaning and Maintenance – Each Blade Butler set includes 1 Blade Butler tool and 1 micro-fiber cleaning bag. The cleaning process is straightforward – simply attach the Blade Butler to a fan blade and wipe clean. After use, the micro-fiber bag can be easily detached and washed, ready for its next use. For added convenience, an additional replacement bag is available for purchase, ensuring you always have a clean one at hand.

Environmentally Friendly and Economical – By reducing the need for multiple cleaning steps and additional cleaning products for your floors and furniture, Blade Butler is an environmentally friendly choice. It streamlines your cleaning process, saves time, and is an economical addition to your household cleaning tools.

Ideal for Every Household – Whether you’re a busy parent, a dedicated homeowner, or someone who loves a clean and healthy living environment, the Blade Butler is your go-to tool for maintaining clean and efficient ceiling fans. Its user-friendly design makes it suitable for anyone looking for an effective and easy way to keep their home dust-free.

Experience the difference with Blade Butler – where innovation meets practicality in ceiling fan cleaning.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 14 × 3 in

Add replacement bag (+$9.95)